Agriculture ,Grain ,Coix seed (Seed of Job's tears)

Product name:Coix seed,Yiyiren,Job's tear seed

Specification:98% 95% (white and light yellow)



We can supply : whole ,pieces and powder

Among Chinese, coix seed has been valued for its ‘cooling’ property, a concept related to Chinese food therapy, for acting on an ‘inflammed’ human body, mostly occurred after taking considerable spicy, grilled or barbecued foods. In addition to this, Chinese herbalists have regarded the seeds as being capable of:
– enhancing immunity
– inducing diuresis,
– excreting dampness,
– strengthening spleen,
However, they suggest that it is not suitable for pregnant women. But there are claims mention that coix is good for nourishing the skin making it look soft and smooth. Click here and here for two more readings from Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine and

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