Dried maca root , Ginseng of South Amercia, Dried yellow/black/purple maca root

Maca Root be called the Ginseng of America/Peruvian ginseng, there are 3 kinds : Yellow,Black,Purple,originating in 3500 ~ 4500 meters above sea level in the andes in South America.

 At present , Yunnan and Sichuan cultivated more and more.

Because of MACA is rich in nutrients, high unit on the human body has the function of nourishing and strong, who will eat too feel energetic and vigor will not fatigue;MACA and can promote the metabolism, resistance to pressure and increase fertility in humans and animals and milk secretion, and can eliminate menopause disorders, slow down the ageing, promote brain activity. Maily used as  male health products, which can well enhance sexual function.


Main Function:

Maca superfoods  : has the function of resisting tire and enhancing energy;

Maca superfoods  : has the function of enhancing physical strength;

Maca superfoods  : has the function of bestiring brain;

Maca superfoods  : has the function of improving the menopause symptom of male and female;

Maca superfoods  : has the function of advancing the action of female become pregnant ability;


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