Chinese Red date ,Fructus Jujubae TBC & Whole

English Name Chinese Red date /Fructus Jujubae TBC & Whole
Latin Name Fructus Jujubae
Specification Mesh Size (mm) Moisture Ash Impurity
5 4.00







10 2.00
Powder :80-100Mesh
Used Part Fruit
Color Light Red
Dry Method AD & Sunshine
Original Place Shaanxi Xinjiang Hebei Shandong China
Supply Ability 50 Tons per Year
Loading port Tianjin, Shanghai Dalian
Lead Time With 15 working days After signed order



Herbal Tea Bag (Slimming Tea/Weight Loss Tea, Sleep Tea, Energy Tea, Beauty Tea/ Complexion Tea)

Package & Storage:

20kg or 25kg Carton, Inner side : Vacuum bag

Keep in cool &dry place

Shelf Life: 2 years


1.Strengthen immunity;

2.Regulate blood fat;

3.Effective of lower heat, anticonvulsive;

4.Effect for the cardiovascular system;

5.Enrich the blood


Medicinal herbal tea

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